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60 seconds with David West

We sat down with SEW's David West for a quick cup of coffee and to learn more about his favourite things in London, his relationship with HUB and what he wanted to be when he was just a kid.

Hello. And you are?

David West, co-founder of Studio Egret West, an architecture, urban design and landscape architecture practice based in Clerkenwell, London.

Favourite thing about working with HUB?

The enthusiasm for delivering genuinely affordable, well designed homes.

Best thing about London?

The diversity of people and places... A truly rich mix.

Favourite place for a drink? 

The Half Moon, Herne Hill, a proper neighbourhood pub.

Best London lunchtime option? 

Granger on Clerkenwell Green for a zesty sambal chicken salad.

Tell us something about London not many people know?

That the 1948 Summer Olympics velodrome still exists and is in Herne Hill. A fantastic makeover has just been completed, led by a passionate cycling community.

What did you want to be when you were just a kid?

Astronaut, then policeman, then urban designer... Just managing expectations I guess.

Favourite place in the world?

A combination of London, Innsbruck and the Balearic Islands. The best city in the world blended with mountains and sea.

Balcony or back garden?

Both! If we turn up the density of our homes and workspaces then we should equally turn up access to verdant nature.

North facing or south facing?

South facing if not multiple aspects.

Tate Modern or Tate Britain?

Tate Modern because of the Turbine Hall which is the perfect place to introduce children to art. Although the new circular stairs at Tate Britain are beautifully designed. 

Friday night or Saturday morning?

Saturday morning for my weekly adventure on my road bike.

Best thing about your home?

My family, the garden room and its location, Herne Hill.

Strangest moment you've had working with HUB?

When Steve and the HUB delivery team committed to using cross-laminated timber to build our beautiful Boiler House building without a big debate. It was very refreshing!

Who would play you in 'HUB, the movie'?

Well, I'm a lateral thinker and very talkative -  Top Cat springs to mind!