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60 seconds with David Stillman

We grabbed a coffee with dsa engineering's David Stillman, to find out more about his own home, his childhood dreams, and his favourite place to escape to.

Hello. And you are?
Hi! David Stillman, Managing Director at dsa engineering. We're the M&E Consultant for HUB's Taberner House development in Croydon.

Favourite thing about working with HUB?
The HUB team, it's great working alongside such intelligent, straightforward people.

Best thing about London?
There’s so many exhibitions to choose from, and every individual neighbourhood is different.

Favourite place for a drink?
It really depends on the occasion, but the M Hotel has a glamorous rooftop bar which is a great place to take out-of-towners.

Best London lunchtime option?
I never have time for a sit-in lunch anymore, HUB are keeping me nice and busy!  I do love sushi though so tend to get a take-out from Sushi Show round the corner from my office.

Tell us something about London not many people know?
Not many people know that The Beatles’ famous cover from their Abbey Road album was taken on a different zebra crossing than the one constantly covered with tourists! It was actually one further up the road, who’d have thought it?

What did you want to be when you were just a kid?
I dreamed of being a Grand Prix race driver, and actually contacted Enzo Ferrari once I finished my engineering degree. Unfortunately, one of the conditions was speaking fluent Italian; which quickly put a stop to that dream!

Favourite place in the world?
My cottage on the Suffolk coast. We head there to escape our busy London life as often as possible.

Balcony or back garden?
Back garden, always.

North facing or south facing?
South facing, for sure.

Tate Modern or Tate Britain?
For me, it must be the Tate Modern.

Friday night or Saturday morning?
Saturday, nothing beats a relaxed weekend morning.

Best thing about your home?
My wife and I are lucky to have our own spaces at home; mine is a man cave and she loves pottery so has created her own studio.

Strangest moment you've had working with HUB?
The HUB team love to walk around the office in their stripy socks, it reminds me of Bertram Cooper from Mad Men.

Who would play you in 'HUB, the movie'?
This one's easy, it would have to be the Hollywood hunk Alexander Skarsgård.