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60 Seconds with Ed Rooney

We sat down for a builder's brew with Henry Construction's Ed Rooney, to find out more about him and what he likes most about working with HUB.

Hey, and you are?

Hello! Ed Rooney, Project Director at The Boiler House.

Favourite thing about working with HUB? 

The people. They are really open and approachable, and they're not afraid to get stuck in. They're very hands on and don't hide behind a brand name. They're a great company to work with.

Best thing about London? 

Everything's in touching distance!

Favourite place for a drink? 

Any Irish pub! As long as it has lively music and a good atmosphere, I'm happy there.

Best London lunchtime option? 

I love Nando's, definitely Nando's.

Tell us something about London. 

It's one of the best, easiest places to make friends.

What did you want to be when you were just a kid? 

Exactly what I am now! I always knew what I wanted, and I did it.

Favourite place in the world?

That's a silly question - Ireland!

Balcony or back garden? 

I like to have a back garden.

Friday night or Saturday morning?

You know, it's probably Saturday morning.

Best thing about your home?

It's my own space - and my TV is there.

Strangest moment you've had working with HUB? 

It's not one moment, but one strange thing about HUB is how much the team has grown to feel like family. They even sent me a card when I was in hospital!

Who would play you in 'HUB the movie'?

Without a doubt it would be Liam Neeson.