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60 seconds with Jordan Perlman

We grabbed a coffee with Newground Architects' Jordan Perlman, to talk all things Material Store and find out some more about the man behind the architecture.

Hello. And you are?

Jordan Perlman, co-founder of Newground – a London-based architecture and design practice working on design and delivery of two of HUB’s latest projects – Rehearsal Rooms in North Acton and Material Store at The Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes.

Favourite thing about working with HUB?

HUB is an ambitious developer wanting to make better buildings for regular people – aspirations we share!

Best thing about London?

Its incredible diversity – and our determination to protect it.

Favourite place for a drink?

A sundowner after a hike up Table Mountain in Cape Town is one of the best I’ve experienced, and would highly recommend.

Best London lunchtime option?

I like a simple lunch next to the fountains at the Barbican - a great, modern, manmade oasis in the middle of the city.

Tell us something about London not many people know?

Queen Anne’s Mansions in Petty France, Westminster, was London’s first ‘tall’ residential building, completed in 1873 and rising to 14 storeys.

Blocking Queen Victoria’s view of parliament from Buckingham Palace, the building reportedly influenced the passing of the London Building Act in 1894, which imposed an 80-ft height limit for all new buildings.

What did you want to be when you were just a kid?

I really did want to be an architect I’m afraid.

Favourite place in the world?

Sicily is a favourite, for its mixture of history, architecture, landscape, weather... and food.

Balcony or back garden?

Roof terrace for me - it’s a good combination between the two.

North facing or south facing?

South facing in the UK - north facing in South Africa.

Tate Modern or Tate Britain?

Tate Modern.

Friday night or Saturday morning?

Five years ago, before setting up Newground, it was Friday night!

Best thing about your home?

My flat is well located, makes the most of available space and uses simple materials well - all things we promote as a practice.

Strangest moment you've had working with HUB?

Being asked to look at adding three storeys to one of our projects – after it had been topped out!

Who would play you in 'HUB, the movie'?

Novak Djokovic – although he would need to work on his service.

What excites you most about the development?

The family triplex flats with individual stepped entrances. They are really unique and will contribute to life on the street.

What’s different about The Material Store to other developments you have worked on?

A comprehensive masterplan by a talented team was developed to define the physical parameters as well as character of the overall site.

This meant we could design individual buildings in the context of a bigger vision for the neighbourhood.

Aside from The Material Store, of course, what do you like most about The Old Vinyl Factory?

TOVF sets out to create a diverse community. The mix of uses, the combination of old and new buildings and the fact that individual buildings have been designed by different architects, all contribute to its diversity.