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We took a trip to the beautiful town of Bath to catch up with Lise Benningen, the landscape architects behind Taberner House and The Queen's Gardens, our exciting development in Croydon.

Hello. And you are?

Lise Benningen. I'm an Associate at Grant Associates.

Favourite thing about working with HUB?

Their willingness and commitment to engage with local communities in a meaningful way.

Tell us something about London not many people know?

47% of London is green space. There are 8.4 million trees in London, it’s the world’s largest urban forest and first national park city. But everyone knows that, right?

What did you want to be when you were just a kid?

A designer

Favourite place in the world?

Lake Winnipeg

Balcony or back garden?

Garden! and an allotment.

North facing or south facing?

In the UK? South facing for sure. But I do love the diurnal change of east and west facing aspects too! I’d have all of them to grow different things.

Tate Modern or Tate Britain?

Tate Modern

Friday night or Saturday morning?

Saturday morning - specifically the crack of dawn, it really is a beautiful time.

Best thing about your home?

The views out to the Bath hills. Being able to easily walk into the centre or into the countryside.

Best moment you've had working with HUB?

The HUB team, in their weekend gear, participating with the locals at the community engagement workshops.