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We went for a stroll with AHMM's Lukas Ochendal to discuss London, working with HUB, and all things The Queen's Gardens, take a look at what he had to say.

Hi there! And you are?

Lukas Ochendal, Senior Architect at Alford Hall Monaghan Morris.

How have you been involved in The Queen’s Gardens collaborative design process?

I was part of the cafe design action group which involved preparing the brief and helping to critique the entries.

What is your favourite thing about working with HUB?

HUB embrace and listen to the community which I think sets a really positive example for the industry, HUB always has the best interests for the end users.

Best thing about London?

The diversity of architecture and people as this challenges me and gives me opportunities to design and create the best spaces.

Favourite place for a drink?

Nothing beats summer evenings on Primrose Hill.

Best London lunchtime option?

A tasty salad box at Sunny’s Olive Tree stand on Whitecross Street Market - for the healthy option.

What excites you most about The Queen’s Gardens redevelopment?

Being in the heart of Croydon makes this a very prominent and historically rich site. I am excited by the spaces we are creating in between the buildings and the new gardens which will provide great spaces for the community.

Tell us something about London not many people know?

Believe it or not, London has less rain on average than New York City.

What did you want to be when you were just a kid?

I always have wanted to be an Architect!

Favourite place in the world?

Anywhere I can watch the sunrise on an empty beach.

Balcony or back garden?

Back garden, personally.

Tate Modern or Tate Britain?

Hmm, would have to be Tate Modern.

Friday night or Saturday morning?

Saturday morning!

Strangest moment you've had working with HUB?

Proposing the simplest solution before it came into my head!

Who would play you in 'HUB, the movie'?

Probably Owen Wilson, but only because people tell me I look like him.

What’s different about The Queen’s Gardens redevelopment to other projects you have worked on?

The process of including the community in shaping the vision for the gardens.

What is your favourite thing about The Queen’s Garden’s redevelopment?

The new play spaces which will attract families and lots of children to enjoy this wonderful space.