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A conversation on community

Discussing development as if people mattered!

We recently held a roundtable debate on our favourite theme: community engagement. More specifically, we discussed how to help this pivotal part of every development’s success, when we have observed its decline in quality, impact and effectiveness.

We agreed that many people have become cynical about the process and that too many developers see engagement now as an inconvenience.

To help inspire our brilliant group of HUB peers from across the development spectrum to challenge the negativity, we held our meeting at the Skip Garden, King’s Cross. This urban community ‘garden of a thousand hands’ is a prime example of getting things right: an urban, green oasis that binds the community and has generated many opportunities for local young people.

We covered different aspects of where community engagement is failing and what can be done to address it. We identified that consultation needs to get beyond the loud few and engage the quieter groups, especially young people. We noted the mechanics of engagement and how the digital opportunities are becoming increasingly viable. We concluded that everything is led with an obvious yet somehow, for some, challenging need for honesty.

The session was more energising, insightful and productive than we ever hoped for. As a result, we are now looking to distil the themes that emerged into a little HUB insight piece that we can share with you all.

We’ll let you know more in 2018!