The truth is simplicity is key

The right way to create homes

At HUB we’ve built a team and a reputation around a new way of thinking about property development. We deliver thoughtfully designed homes and places in well-connected locations. It’s such a straightforward idea it’s almost revolutionary.

We start with direct questions. What do people need in a home? What do they want? How can we create thriving, integrated communities?

Then we build the answers to those questions – world-class homes of exceptional quality in outstanding locations.

For HUB, our residents and our investors, that's the right way to develop homes.

It really is as straightforward and as revolutionary as that.

For individuals and communities

Local authorities trust us to deliver thoughtful, people-centred developments. We take that responsibility very seriously.

We form genuine relationships with people local to our developments, addressing their needs in an open, approachable way. We talk and we listen. These conversations help to shape our developments and the new public spaces, gardens and community facilities that we create.

That same sense of responsibility leads every aspect of our work, from our environmentally aware design approach and pursuit of sustainable build technologies, to the decisions we make on behalf of our investors and the apprenticeship programmes we support.

Helping people write their own stories

We believe in creating beautiful homes. We believe in thoughtful design that works and makes life better for people. We believe in strong, responsible investments in areas set to benefit from substantial upgrades to infrastructure and public realm.

We build homes for people to live in, to write their own stories in, and we know it’s the people that matter – all of them, from first time renters to long term owners.

Making decisions about where to live or how to invest your money doesn’t need to be daunting. With HUB there’s no stress, no pressure and no jargon-heavy sales speak, just open, honest conversations that help you make informed decisions that are right for you, personally and financially.

It all starts with the right land in the right place

Creating thoughtfully designed, people centred homes starts with two things we’re very good at – finding the right sites and buying them at a sensible price.

Our wealth of experience and depth of industry understanding allows us to unlock the potential of dynamic, connected sites, working with their unique constraints, challenges and opportunities to create beautiful homes and people-centred developments.

Our clarity of vision and access to funding allows us to make fast, astute decisions about land purchases where we know we can deliver on our vision.

Responsible, reliable and informed investments

HUB’s financial acumen comes from decades of experience in private equity and global public markets. Together with an industry-seasoned senior leadership team and ready access to great funding, our incisive and responsible financial decision making allows us to deliver compelling returns on capital. Our current investors include a select group of results-driven, long-standing associates and financial partners.

We also back our own projects with our own money. That’s because we know that as long as we’re building the kind of homes that communities want, our developments will deliver commensurate returns.

We know good design is design that works

We approach planning by speaking openly with local authorities and stakeholders, and developing mutually beneficial relationships based on trust.

Then things get really interesting.

We work with world-class design partners to push boundaries and create amazing homes for people to live in. Behind our partnerships with architects and designers, our choice of materials and our understanding of constraints and possibilities is fuelled by one very simple idea - that good design makes life easier and more enjoyable for people.

We go in with our eyes open

We know how to create landmark buildings and thriving communities. We manage all our builds, utilising our wealth of in-house construction engineering and technological experience to oversee every stage of the construction process. But we also select the UK’s very best contractors then let them get on with doing what they do best.

We are committed to addressing the UK's skilled labour shortfall and investing in the next generation of highly skilled contractors, by offering young people a range of construction apprenticeships across our sites.