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The Boiler House: full steam ahead!

Ordinarily, if an architect tells us they are going to take inspiration for their design of one of our developments from the factory chimneys that stood there, we would be a little alarmed and do that nervous little laugh thing. When that architect is no less than Studio Egret West, we instead couldn’t wait to see their ideas.

We weren’t disappointed.

The Boiler House, that forms part of The Old Vinyl Factory development in Hayes, will be a cool and courageous statement of intent, and brilliant example of collaborative design with our world class design team. It will be a clever, creativity-championing collection of 54 environmentally-conscious apartments. Its tapering shape will echo its heritage. Everywhere else, is sublime style and timeless quality.

Individuality like this in London is rare. Sales are going well with completion set for the third quarter of 2017.

The Boiler House: it’s full steam ahead… Sorry!