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Co-living can be cool

The lure of the UK’s major cities as places to live and work continues to flourish. So, it’s not surprising that different tenancy options have emerged in recent years to help those who want to be part of these increasingly dynamic central urban hotspots. Co-living is one recent-ish approach that has enjoyed a fair bit of attention.

Through a more shared experience to the traditional definition of home, many people, particularly young professionals who are starting out in their careers, are being attracted to co-living. It offers city living, an easy-to-tap-into community and instant circle of friends. It suits those who spend a large part of their lives working and having fun outside of their home. It can be a better value option than more conventional renting and flat sharing.

It also needs to be done really well.

We are looking to create our first co-living scheme and we want to make it a benchmark for the UK. We’ve commissioned extensive research to understand what people really want and to know how we can make co-living brilliant for the many people who want to enjoy city life.

Our ambition is driven by respect for hard working city folk and their families. They deserve the best. Through our research we hope to raise the bar for co-living… Watch this space!