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Collaborating in Croydon

Talking, listening and sharing our news on Taberner House.

We've sent the diggers in and work is now underway at Taberner House, our exciting new development in the heart of super-connected Croydon.

Our latest development to be delivered in partnership with Bridges Fund Management, the project will deliver over 500 homes and will rework and improve The Queen’s Gardens – a vital public space and community asset within this urban hotspot.

Inclusivity is everything to us. We’ve embarked on an ambitious community-driven, collaborative design process for The Queen’s Gardens. We insist on the community genuinely shaping the new design.

We've held workshops involving the local community, the architects, landscape designers and our team at HUB, jointly developing a vision and set of values for the design to come. There have been tonnes of brilliant ideas and it has been great to see such diverse groups sharing thoughts. Respect to the many people who have come along.

One ambition has stood out so far: ‘To be a green oasis, with community at its heart’. We’re super excited about delivering this kind of benchmark. There’s more to discuss. We’ve got another design workshop coming up.

Along the way, as ever with HUB, we’re being open: sharing what we know, providing a calendar of milestones, directly addressing the sensitive areas of the development and creating the platforms and opportunities for the community to really get involved.

Check out some of the design boards and images, below,  from the workshops so far!