Bed bug infestation areas need careful and professional control. All areas need to be cleared of people and furnishings, joining or rooms next to infected area will need treatment and monitoring. Depending on severity, beds and mattresses may need to be replaced as bed bugs usually live inside mattresses. Frames of beds will need spray treatments and also lining of divan bases, including other furnishing in the room. Carpet areas will need to be lightly sprayed along with cracks and crevices to eradicate any bed bugs breeding in hidden spaces.

Thorough treatment should provide a guarantee of up to 6 months depending on crowding and temperature control of the infected property/ room.

Treatment Prices

1 Bedroom properties from £99.
2 Bedroom properties from £150.
3 Bedroom properties from £175.

Prices include FREE INSPECTION and up to 3 treatments (depending on severity of infestation).

Frames and Mattresses Prices

Anti-bed bug frames also available from £75 for Single, or Double from £99.
Bed bug certified mattress protectors from £50.
All mattress protectors are fire resistant, non-allergenic and waterproof.

Removal of bed bug infested furniture also available. Please call for more details.
Payment for products and services can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.