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The Material Store materialises

One of several developments carried out in collaboration with Bridges Fund Management, The Material Store's story is a particularly exciting one…

It's home to the first triplex apartments for rent in the UK, providing light, stylish living for all its residents.

It's the first residential building in The Old Vinyl Factory masterplan to reach 10 storeys, making it a prominent icon of what's happening now in the heart of Hayes.

And last but not least, it’s our first partnership with fantastic landlords Fizzy Living, who will be carefully curating a happy and vibrant community with the 189 rental apartments.

Fizzy Living's Managing Director, Harry Downes, says:

“The Material Store represents our first partnership with HUB and one Fizzy Living is happy to be part of. All Fizzy developments have a strong communal atmosphere, so the emphasis on shared social space that HUB has developed at the Material Store is a perfect fit with our ethos and something I’m sure our residents will appreciate. HUB have created a great development which we’re pleased to have acquired. If you are interested in renting an apartment in this exciting new building please contact and we’d be happy to give you a personal or skype tour of the flats."