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Meeting Maidenhead

Engaging the local community on The Landing

November saw us begin our in-depth engagement programme with local people around The Landing in Maidenhead. We are the proud Development Managers of this development with a 3.1-acre site that currently has permission for 225 homes, 368,000 sq ft of commercial and 50,200 sq ft of retail space, working in partnership with landowners Smedvig.

At time of writing, we have already spoken with over 1,100 people. We are reaching out with a variety of engagement activities including focus groups, 58 pop-up group discussions, and lots of good ol’ face-to-face chats too.

We’ve met with people from many groups; from sports and social clubs, to schools, mosques, churches and youth centres. We’re aiming to be really broad and ensure we get the views from a true cross-section of the local communities.

The results so far? We’re discovering that there’s a huge passion and pride for Maidenhead. It has a strong identity among the local residents. So, it’s understandable that generally they feel the town centre needs improving with an appetite for better quality and variety of shops and retail options. People are yearning for Maidenhead to become a more welcoming, green, vibrant place and asking more about how The Landing might help. We’re inviting their views about what The Landing could represent for Maidenhead and asking if they’d like to be further involved.

Our process continues into 2018, where there will be a formal exhibition event to show and get feedback on the emerging designs and we’ll then have a really in-depth picture to help inform the planning application.