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Queen's Quarter, 50% affordable housing, 100% exciting

Our new Croydon development gets its new name

We are proud to present Queen’s Quarter, the new name for our redevelopment of Taberner House, the former site of Croydon’s council offices. This exciting, rejuvenated part of town will bring 513 homes to the area, with a massive 50% of them designated as affordable housing.

The name is inspired by the public and locally loved Queen’s Gardens that our development will connect with. We will be updating and rejuvenating this much-loved green space for all, with a new play area and community. The park refurbishments and fresh ideas came from a large community consultation project, led by our friends at Kaizen. The architecture for the café was chosen through a competition for young, aspiring architects.

On-site work is progressing well. We are looking forward to seeing the buildings come to life. As well as all the Build To Rent, London Living Rent, Shared Ownership and Affordable Rent apartments, we will be delivering 20% more public space around the Queen’s Gardens. There will also be 12,500ft of retail and commercial space to help boost Croydon’s new neighbourhood.