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Real homes for real people. Like Evgeny…

We’re proud of all of our developments. And our pride swells with every purchase. It’s proof that we’re achieving our aim to deliver attainable and aspirational homes. Eager to understand our purchasers more, we spoke to Evgeny, who recently bought one of our last few remaining flats at The Boiler House, over at The Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes.


‘I have been living in London for six years now and decided to start looking for somewhere to buy earlier this year. At first I looked at shared ownership properties, but then realised that the government’s Help-to-Buy scheme is more suited to my needs. It’s more flexible.’


‘I came across The Boiler House when I was Googling properties to buy in my price range, then met with JLL and was convinced that this was a good option.’


‘The first time I went to Hayes to see the development I mistakenly turned the wrong way out of the station and walked up the high street instead of going to The Old Vinyl Factory, where the development is. That was actually a good thing as it gave me an idea of what Hayes is like – vibrant and multi-cultural. I also really liked where The Boiler House is; close to the station but away from the busy end of the high street. It feels like an authentic area of London and I like how they have kept all the old buildings and are refurbishing them to keep the character of the area.’


‘I also researched HUB, they seem like a cool developer and I like how they focus on homes for normal people like me!’


‘With the Help-to-Buy process you have to have a development in mind to apply. The process has been long, there are a lot of forms to fill in, but my application has been approved and now I’m waiting for my mortgage to come through.’


‘I currently live in Muswell Hill, so the area is a big change. But I’ve lived in all different parts of London. It’s not a big deal! I’m looking forward to moving in, and feeling independent. I can’t wait. I also travel a lot with my job, I work in fashion retail at Harrod’s, in sales and training staff. So I’m looking forward to being really close to Heathrow. The commute to Harrod’s isn’t long either, and when Crossrail opens it will be really quick.’