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Shingle all the way

Our on-site team are all hands on deck and as the final exterior touches are added, the bold, brave architecture transforms from detailed designs to a simple yet impressive building.

The most recent construction milestone is the façade installation. The Boiler House is clad in stainless steel shingles, the reflective nature of which creates a striking aesthetic. The muted industrial tones of the steel will be set off by the bright orange colour of the corrugated staircase, creating a fun, contemporary effect.

As well as creating an eye-catching aesthetic, stainless steel is also an extremely durable material which is resistant to corrosion and thus requires very little maintenance.

In addition, stainless steel is the most recycled material in the world, so combined with The Boiler House's use of cross laminated timber, the stainless steel façade further adds to the building's sustainability.